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C.T.F. is one of the leading manufacturers of gift items and party favors designed to enliven and enrich any environment and living space. C.T.F interprets the most exclusive tradition of handmade design working at both national and international level. C.T.F’s exclusive items will perfectly suit any occasions guaranteeing , at the same time, high-quality and exclusive solutions.

Gift Ideas

Ctf A wide range of gift ideas, simple and/or particular, modern and/or classic, projected to satisfy any customers’ needs and desires.


A wide range of accessories designed to enrich any environment.

Party favors

A wide collection of party favors for any special occasion: weddings, first Holy Communion and Baptisms.

Wedding List

Customers can choose among a wide range of exclusive items to build their own wedding list.

CTF from 1988

The company C.T.F. èwas established in 1988 in Altamura, in the hearth of the Apulia region, as one of the leading manufacturers of gift items and party favors. Thanks to the high-quality standards of its workmanship, the company has achieved a successful leading position in the sector, offering to its customer a wide range of high-quality products. All items are entirely handmade with crystal, Murano glass, pewter, brass as well as precious stones, Mother-of-Pearl , leather, satin silk, and silver 925%.
The company’s philosophy considers the production process as a “rite ”rather than a standard procedure.

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Our products

  • Pasticceria
  • Scatole e Portagioie
  • Sacri
  • Regalistica
  • Portafoto e Specchiere
  • Orologi
  • Oggettistica
  • Ninfee