from 1988 – Made In Italy

The company C.T.F. was established in 1988 in Altamura, in the heart of the Apulia region, as one of the leading manufacturers of gift items and party favors.

Thanks to the high-quality standards of its workmanship, the company has achieved a successful leading position in the sector, offering to its customer a wide range of high-quality products
All items are entirely handmade with:

  • Crystal,
  • Murano glass,
  • Pewter,
  • Brass,
  • Precious stones,
  • Mother-of-pearl,
  • Leather,
  • Satin silk,
  • Crystal pearls,
  • Silver 925%.

The company considers the production process as a “rite ”rather than a standard procedure.
As stated by the company’s founder “to us, manufacturing means creating a piece of art .
One of the main imperative of our philosophy is to create a strong synergy between our designers: they cooperate and interact actively to manufacture high-quality items. All CTF’s designers participate to any projects, sharing their ideas and know-how, in a perfect combination of different experts and cultures which is our strong point: a constant and spontaneous overflow of ideas, drafts, opinions, prototypes”.

The responsible for CTF’s marketing adds: “We at C.T.F. work every day to improve the quality of our products, and consider the MADE IN ITALY brand as an excellent competitive element “.
There is a new challenge every day issued by the market. The excellent quality of CTF’s products and the successful business relations with distributors make the company a dynamic and competitive reality.
The key-words for the future are: innovation, research and internationalization. In this perspective, foreign traders will increase their interest in MADE IN ITALY’s products.

The company’s founder declares:

“Manufacturing high-quality products, being representative of the Made in Italybrand is not enough

Nowadays it is necessary to be on the line to design and creativity. Thus, we have decided to allocate some funds to hire new workers that operate as “cool hunter”: they carefully analyze any aspects of the sector to be informed about the latest news and trends, as well as all customers’ needs and ideas. The company’s team is a precious element to achieve great success in the market, it is an important resource we want to improve and enhance”.